Don't worry Clippers, Kawhi only leaves contenders

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Injury cuts Kawhi's season short for the 4th time in 5 seasons

I genuinely don't take any pleasure in the unfortunate recurring injuries that have been plaguing Kawhi for much of his career. I still have him to thank for 1/5 of the championships I've been able to enjoy. I'll also never forget how critical he was in bringing home one last ring for Tim Duncan to put on his thumb while also ending the reign of LeBron James and the Heatles. Plus, wishing for injuries on anyone is just a terrible thing to do always.

You have to remember how Kawhi's closest confidant, his uncle Dennis Robertson, later blasted the Spurs' world-class medical and coaching staff for causing a lack of trust by mismanaging his injury. The same uncle who collaborated with Leonard to illegally request private plane access, partial ownership, and guaranteed endorsement money from the Lakers during his free agency wooing period.

The Spurs' reputation took a huge hit from the separation, as the NBA is a stars league after all, and Kawhi is certainly one of the brightest ones. The rare controversy about the Spurs organization may easily have affected their potential to recruit stars for seasons to come.

Since the messy divorce, Kawhi has been dealing with very similar injury issues and resulting fallouts, with FS1's Skip Bayless even saying he's unhappy with the Clippers' medical staff. By the way, this is exactly what happened in San Antonio.

With the Clippers' season now cut short once again, should they be worried about Leonard jumping ship a third time?