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The Key to Dejounte Murray's Triple-Double Madness

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Dejounte Murray's rebounding is elite

As for rebounding, Murray's proven to be elite for his position. Last season, he ranked 4th among all point guards in rebounds per game, and this season he leads the NBA. What separates him from other point guards is his ability to corral contested rebounds due to his height, length, athleticism, and timing.

That ability has helped the Spurs stay competitive on the defensive glass despite moving away from traditional two-big-men lineups. It's also allowed Murray to frequently grab at least 10 rebounds, which he’s done 20 times sInce the beginning of last season. 

Rebounding has been a key component in his ability to rack up triple-doubles, especially now with his growth as a scorer and passer. 

Overall, Murray’s evolution into a well-rounded player has taken time, but now that he has taken over as the Spurs' leading ball-handler, he's been unleashed. And while they aren’t the end-all-be-all stat, triple-doubles do illustrate just how well he’s playing across the board. 

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Moreover, it can also help Murray gain more attention around the league beyond his reputation as an excellent defender. Going forward, expect Murray to continue racking up triple-doubles at an impressive rate. In fact, at just age 25, he’s already just two shy of breaking the franchise record of eight. Dejounte has developed into the ultimate triple-double threat.