Spurs: Keldon Johnson's stats on basket drives are insane

Keldon Johnson, Grayson Allen
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2. Derrick White

Making six of his 12 shots on drives so far, Derrick White's ventures to the cup have had some more success than Murray's. White's 15 points off of drives are third-best on the team behind number one on this list and Lonnie Walker (17), however, Walker's 6.3 drives per game were a bit too low to be included.

White has also been to the line two times on his 34 drives, making three of his four free throws. Like Murray, White is also doing well at passing off his drives with 14, resulting in five assists.

White's drives on fast breaks or mini-fast breaks have been a welcome sight in the early goings of the season, as he's the best decision-maker of anyone on the team when operating in the paint.

Derrick knows how to use the spin move to his advantage in the high post area, and he's not afraid of drawing contact on his drives to get to the line if his shot doesn't fall. He'll need to continue to have a mix of drive-and-kicks and aggressive drives to find his own shot for the Spurs to be at their maximum efficiency offensively.

For the Spurs to succeed, Derrick and Dejounte will need to continue being the top dogs in terms of drives to the basket when you factor in their ability to both pass and score on strong drives -- although number one on this list is quickly making the case that maybe the Spurs have more than just a two-headed driving snake.