Spurs: Keldon Johnson's stats on basket drives are insane

Keldon Johnson, Grayson Allen
Keldon Johnson, Grayson Allen / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages
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The San Antonio Spurs have had their fair share of slashers and attackers over the past few seasons. The difference in 2022 is they all have free reign to run wild. With an offense built on ball movement and an all-hands-on-deck attitude instead of feeding one guy, there should be plenty of opportunities for penetration to the basket all season long.

There have already been some encouraging signs in the early season for the Spurs, with their ball movement being directly related to how often guys are getting into the paint. That trend will need to continue for San Antonio to have success going forward without a true superstar.

A look into the numbers shows three players are largely responsible for carrying the load when it comes to drives to the hoop: Dejounte Murray, Keldon Johnson, and Derrick White. This isn't surprising, as they all average the most minutes as important starters on the team. All three are averaging double-digit drives per game, which breaks down as follows:

Murray: 14.3
Johnson: 12.0
White: 11.3

While the data size is miniscule in the grand scheme, some trends are forming after the Spurs' first three games that are worth monitoring. These numbers will assuredly be way different in a few weeks, but let's see how drives to the basket are paying off so far for these three, beginning with the driver that's yielded the least desirable results.