San Antonio Spurs: Keldon's Team USA promotion is a double-edged sword

Keldon Johnson
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San Antonio Spurs
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Johnson, San Antonio Spurs have everything to gain in Tokyo

Looking at it from purely an experience point of view, the opportunity for Keldon this summer is gigantic. Johnson could be an Olympic Gold Medalist before he even reaches age 22. If that doesn't boost your confidence a little, I don't know what will.

Keldon will also have a chance to play with and against world class players throughout the Olympics. During that time, he'll be able to see just how much he belongs or what he needs to improve to belong. Right now, he has all the tools to fit in with the likes of other rising stars in the NBA even if he's not quite in talks to be an All-Star yet.

Although already strong, Keldon's relationship with Coach Gregg Popovich can only continue to grow with a journey such as an Olympic gold medal bid happening so early in his career. Coach Popovich has always been praised for treating everyone from his superstars to last guys on the bench equally, and Team USA will be the best chance he'll have to see that.

Above all else, this quest is most important for Keldon Johnson and Keldon Johnson alone. He did enough in his rookie season to earn a starting spot, which is tough to do in itself under Coach Pop. Now he's proven himself worthy once again with his recent promotion. Now might be the only chance he gets to prove to the entire world just what he can do.

With all that said, there are some concerns Spurs fans would be correct in having for their rising star.