Justin Lewis Can Be Another Keldon Johnson-Type Steal

Justin Lewis
Justin Lewis / John Fisher/GettyImages
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When it comes to 2nd round draft picks, the San Antonio Spurs know a thing or two about doing their research and finding talent. The most obvious example of this would be when they selected basketball Hall of Fame finalist Manu Ginobili with the 57th pick in 1999.

In total, the Spurs have found a whole slew of valuable players with picks 31 through 60 over the years, whether they played out their entire career in San Antonio or not. Ian Mahinmi, Goran Dragic, Leandro Barbosa, and Luis Scola were all productive NBA players with long careers that the Spurs selected in the second round. Simply put, the Spurs know what they're looking at with prospects while most of the rest of us don't.

As the NBA is becoming more and more dominated by versatile, athletic forwards, I think that's precisely where the Spurs should be focusing with their 2nd round pick this year. Justin Lewis of Marquette is a near-perfect archetype for this breed of player and could be a legitimate steal for San Antonio.

Standing at 6'7" and weighing 245 pounds, Lewis is a do-it-all forward who can punish defenders both inside and outside and cause havoc on defense with his length and athleticism. He is still a little raw, but he's the type of talent the Spurs' development staff has been tailor-made to work with for years (see: Kawhi Leonard, Dejounte Murray, Keldon Johnson).

And speaking of Keldon Johnson, Lewis has a lot of similarities to the rising forward, which I'll get into next.