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San Antonio Spurs: Jock Landale is the steal of free agency

Jock Landale - Men's Basketball Medal Ceremony: Day 15
Jock Landale - Men's Basketball Medal Ceremony: Day 15 / Gregory Shamus/Getty Images
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Jock Landale fits impeccably well with the San Antonio Spurs

Because of how long Landale has been waiting for his shot in the league, he's undoubtedly playing with a chip on his shoulder. His work ethic, dedication, and confidence are the embodiment of someone that would fit well with the Spurs' young roster. Like many of the young Spurs, he has been patiently waiting for a chance to make a bigger impact while also remaining understanding of the importance of his role on the team.

Outside of his intangibles, though, he still fits well with the current roster. While he isn't necessarily known for his defense, he has the necessary lateral quickness and length to keep up with faster guards and wings on the perimeter and runs the floor well. He's far from being a defensive liability.

Landale's offense is what will be particularly appealing to the Spurs. In college, his career field goal percentage was an outstanding 62.5% and he's managed to maintain similarly good efficiency in his professional career. Furthermore, while he was a career 28% three-point shooter in college (on only 29 total attempts), he has since been able to evolve into a 39% three-point shooter on nearly four attempts per game. He's seen similar improvements in his free-throw shooting and rebounding as well.

Landale strikes me as a player that will fit incredibly well next to both Dejounte Murray and Keldon Johnson, as he'll be able to keep up with their speed and athleticism while also compensating for their subpar outside shooting. He could be able to tremendously open up the game for both of them.

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Finally, he brings positional versatility that fits with Brian Wright's vision of bringing together well-rounded perimeter players. He isn't a total liability in any particular area of the game, will help to space the floor for the Spurs' young guards, and won't require the ball in his hands to have an impact. The fact that the Spurs were able to sign him with only about $6 million worth of cap space remaining could make him a tremendous steal at one of the best values in the free-agent market.