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Spurs: Is Jabari Smith worth a huge trade package?

Jabari Smith
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Jabari Smith Is An Elite Offensive Talent

The Spurs' biggest roster need at the moment is a modern power forward, and Jabari Smith certainly fits that bill. An extremely talented offensive player, Smith torched opponents at Auburn all year long with his versatile and polished game, scoring at will both inside and out.

He is an elite shot maker from all over the floor. Employing a quick trigger on his jump shot, Smith takes and makes impossibly difficult shots with no regard for defenses. He's been compared to a young LaMarcus Aldridge with his deadly jab step and lights-out midrange jumper.

Smith takes a very methodical approach when sizing up defenses, often pump faking to shed defenders and showing great patience in getting the right shot off. He was an efficient shooter both off the catch and off the dribble at Auburn, recording a true shooting percentage of 57% and an effective field goal percentage of 52% in his freshman season.

When operating close to the rim, Smith has shown otherworldly touch around the basket, doing things that only the best shot-makers in the world can do. He's often been compared with fellow top-five prospect Paolo Banchero. While the Duke star may be about 30 pounds heavier, Smith has looked every bit as strong when getting downhill, using his long frame to perfection.

Defensively, Smith is quick and moves his feet extremely well. He knows when to go up for a contest and when to keep his feet planted, a hallmark of a good defender at the next level.

With all this said, what would it cost to move up for Smith?