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Spurs: Is Jabari Smith worth a huge trade package?

Jabari Smith
Jabari Smith / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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The San Antonio Spurs will have quite a few options when the NBA Draft rolls around on June 23rd. With a lottery pick, three first-round selections, and four draft picks overall, their situation is a front office's dream for draft day.

With so many assets at their fingertips, the Spurs have incredible flexibility. They'll have more than enough pieces to move up in the draft and select one of the coveted top prospects if they choose to do so. With such a talented array of players at the top of this year's draft, it has to be a consideration.

While there's no clear-cut top selection in this year's draft, many analysts think it should be Auburn's Jabari Smith. If San Antonio moved up to try to acquire Smith, they'd certainly have to trade into the top three, and some teams appear to be more willing to part with their pick than others. There would likely be a very high asking price. So the question remains: Would trading up for Jabari Smith be worth it? Let's take a look.