San Antonio Spurs: Isaiah Jackson can be game-changer at #12

Isaiah Jackson - Arkansas v Kentucky
Isaiah Jackson - Arkansas v Kentucky / Andy Lyons/Getty Images
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San Antonio Spurs
Isaiah Jackson - Kentucky v Louisville / Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Jackson would provide much needed front-court athleticism for the San Antonio Spurs

While much of Jackson's potential value lies on the defensive end, he is far from being a non-threat on offense. In fact, Isaiah’s combination of size, speed, length, and athleticism make him an excellent lob threat in the pick and roll.

Additionally, he runs the floor very hard and often beats his defender in transition for easy dunks and alley-oops. It's not hard to imagine him running the floor with the likes of Murray and Walker, forming an exciting and explosive transition attack.

Jackson has even flashed a potential post-game, though not in the traditional back-to-the-basket way, partly due to weighing just 206 pounds and thus struggling to back defenders down. That said, he's displayed an ability to face-up and utilize a quick first step to blow by his man for an easy dunk.

As he already seems to have a knack for drawing contact, he could also use his quick first step to get to the foul line. At Kentucky, Jackson shot 70% from the free-throw line on 3.5 attempts per game, which is more than adequate for a center coming into the league.

He will still have to dramatically improve his offensive game to become a net positive on that end of the floor, however, with a bit more weight added to his frame, he could at the very least become a decent post scorer.