Is Miles Bridges Worth His Massive Rumored Next Contract?

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A Look at Miles Bridges' Vast Improvement

The 6-6 forward took a massive jump from his third to fourth season, improving almost across the board from his 2020-21 campaign:

  • 12.7 --> 20.2 PPG
  • 6.0 --> 7.0 TRB
  • 2.2 --> 3.8 AST

While his teammate, LaMelo Ball, represented Charlotte in the NBA All-Star Game, Bridges led the squad in points and rebounds per game in a season that ended in a disappointing Play-In Tournament blowout loss. After their season ended, Bleacher Report's Jake Fischer examined what might be next for the much-improved forward and his team.

"Bridges is clearly the present and future wing Charlotte wants to develop alongside Ball," said Fischer. "After Bridges' camp declined a four-year, $60 million contract offer last fall, sources confirmed, he is expected to command a maximum salary that could total five years, $173 million this summer."

With a price tag of $34.6 million per season over the next five years, that's certainly a figure worth debating whether the 24-year-old might be worth it. Let's take a look.