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Spurs: How Primo affects the team's 2022 NBA Draft strategy

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The San Antonio Spurs will (finally) target a big man in the draft

After months of thinking 2021 would be the year of the Spurs selecting a big man in the draft, I feel like a bit of a broken record saying the same thing about the next draft. That being said, unless the Spurs let go of at least one or two players in their current backcourt, adding to it would make little sense in 2022.

While versatility could (and should) remain as the Spurs' top priority in the draft, the fact remains that the team's young core is a bit on the small side. While the team has managed to compile an interesting group of players in their frontcourt via trade and free agency, looking at draft picks alone, their tallest active player drafted within the past five years is Devin Vassell at 6-7.

While Jakob Poeltl, Drew Eubanks, Jock Landale, and Zach Collins are all at least 6'10", the youngest of that group (Collins) is 23 years old and most of them have at least one quality of their game that severely limits their trajectory. With the number of big men that will likely be available in the 2022 draft, it would make a lot of sense for the team to make a long-term upgrade to their frontcourt.

The fact that the Spurs chose to draft Primo over several quality big men in the 2021 draft is perhaps even more telling that they'll be targeting a big in the draft sooner rather than later. This comes with a relatively large caveat, though.

In the past two drafts, outside of versatility, Spurs GM Brian Wright has clearly prioritized perimeter defense and shooting and has been cited as saying that he buys into the idea of positionless basketball. While these are not skills that big men typically possess in droves, I think the Spurs will be searching for that kind of player again now that Samanic is off the team.

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Ultimately, because it's the Spurs, it will still be a challenge to pinpoint who the Spurs will opt to draft in 2022. The selection of Primo this past July, though, along with comments made by executives in the Spurs' front office, gives some very interesting clues that could help to narrow down the field.