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Spurs: How Primo affects the team's 2022 NBA Draft strategy

Joshua Primo
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After the San Antonio Spurs stunned the world and selected Alabama's Josh Primo 12th overall in the NBA Draft this past July, many fans (including myself) were in utter shock. The projected late first-round to early second-round pick was widely viewed as a reach by draft analysts but was equally viewed as a move that prioritized long-term upside. Primo is currently the youngest active NBA player.

Fortunately for Spurs fans, though, it appears that Primo pays no attention to premature criticism and thrives under pressure. After having a few impressive performances in the NBA Summer League, he caught fire in his first preseason game, putting up 17 points and one assist while shooting nearly 88% from the field. According to Dejounte Murray, Primo simply "didn't seem fazed."

Primo serves as a lesson for Spurs fans, including this Spurs fan. Admittedly, even after doing extensive draft coverage this past season, Primo flew entirely under my radar. Not only did Alabama and head coach Nate Oats hide his full skillset to accommodate for the team's needs, but several of Primo's more prominent competitors in the SEC, like Moses Moody, Keon Johnson, and Jaden Springer all received more media coverage.

Put simply, it's becoming increasingly clear that draft analysts may have just missed Primo, certainly including me. Thankfully, though, his selection by the Spurs in the draft (and some of the comments that came from Brian Wright in the wake of his selection) give us some clues as to what the team will do in next year's draft. These three clues may point fans and analysts in the right direction in the 2022 NBA Draft.