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Spurs' Horry: "Manu got so drunk, he missed practice"

Robert Horry, Manu Ginobili
Robert Horry, Manu Ginobili / Streeter Lecka/GettyImages

While Robert Horry likes to take his fair amount of shots at the San Antonio Spurs on his podcast, sometimes a gem of a story makes it all worth it. In the last episode of Big Shot Bob, a tale of a night in New York with Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili was just that.

Horry spent the last five seasons of his 16 years in the NBA in San Antonio, winning championships in 2005 and 2007 to cap off a seven-ring career. While he's given props to Coach Gregg Popovich and his teammates over the years, Horry frequently likes to bring up how boring and drama-free the team was -- besides one night in New York.

"They called me up and said they wanted to go out. I was like, who is this?" said Horry. "It's Manu Ginobili," said the caller. "No it's not. This is a joke, right? Those dudes did nothing, man."

Surprisingly, multiple Spurs wanted to have a night out -- a group that included Ginobili, Duncan, Brent Barry, and Fabricio Oberto.

"It was all the boring guys," said Horry. "They all wanted to go out. I took them to a club. Tim got drunk. Manu got drunk. Manu was so drunk he missed practice. He said he was sick."

As Horry recalls, the night happened in the Spurs' third title year, 2005. "We actually went on a winning streak. But that's not much for the Spurs -- they were always on a winning streak."

Horry went on to describe what Duncan was like after having too much to drink. "Just silly, like a lot of guys. He talks a lot about random stuff and he does a lot of pranks when he's been drinking. He only drinks Captain Morgan."

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As for Ginobili? Said Horry: "He just smiles and goes to sleep."