Getting Through the Play-In: A Guide for Nervous Wreck Spurs Fans

Gregg Popovich, Kevin Scott
Gregg Popovich, Kevin Scott / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages
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Well, the evening of the big game is here, and the San Antonio Spurs will be fighting for their lives in New Orleans.

When the ball is tipped off between Jakob Poeltl and Jonas Valanciunas, we'll be provided with several answers over the next 2.5 hours. Will Dejounte Murray be able to carve up a Pelicans' defense that has increasingly been focused on stopping him? Can the Spurs keep New Orleans off the glass enough? Will the bright lights and hostile territory be too much for this young core to overcome?

Beyond immediate questions that will be answered, there are over-arching ones regarding the future of the franchise. Could this actually be Coach Popovich's last game? How far away are the Spurs from being contenders? What can they do to get there?

We'll have to wait several months for those answers no matter what happens on Wednesday, but make no mistake, these questions and more will be racing through the minds of Spurs fans everywhere. As such, there's bound to be tons of nervous energy surrounding the Alamo City and anywhere Spurs fans live. I'm here to calm you down a bit.