Spurs: What Was Gregg Popovich's Most Impressive Season Ever?

San Antonio Spurs v Chicago Bulls
San Antonio Spurs v Chicago Bulls / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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There have been very few constants in the NBA over the last 26 years, but Gregg Popovich is one of them. Just for a moment, think about where the league was in 1996. Michael Jordan was winning championships, LeBron James was seven years from being drafted, and the San Antonio Spurs' dynasty hadn't even begun yet.

When Popovich assumed the role of head coach of the Spurs over a quarter-century ago, he was coming in as a front office executive with barely any coaching experience. Now, 26 seasons, six NBA Finals appearances, five NBA titles, and 1,336 wins later, he's cemented himself as the winningest NBA head coach of all time.

Between winning five championships, coaching multiple Hall of Famers, and earning Coach of the Year three times, Pop boasts one of the most decorated resumes of any coach in any era. It's hard to pick any one season and call it the most impressive of his career, but there's certainly not a shortage of good options.

Ultimately, one season stands above them all though.