Spurs: Grading 3 Media Mock NBA Draft Picks

Keegan Murray
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Sports Illustrated: Kendall Brown, Baylor

Kendall Brown, who's mocked to go 8th to the Spurs by Sports Illustrated, contrasts with Murray in several key ways. Brown is just 18 whereas Murray is 21, and Brown is a better athlete but isn’t able to stretch the floor as Murray can. Instead, Brown gets most of his baskets inside the paint, scoring effectively off of cuts, finishing lobs, running the floor in transition, and drives from the perimeter. 

Still, he doesn’t actually take many threes, and while he’s a 70% free throw shooter, it could be a while before he adds that to his game if he ever does. Defensively, he's a capable defender who will only continue to improve. So how might he fit on the Spurs? I’m not exactly sure he’d fit well. 

After all, he seems more like a high-energy player rather than a skilled one. Moreover, his lack of an outside shot at a position where shooting is increasingly necessary makes him a poor fit playing alongside someone like Jakob Poeltl or even off the bench next to another traditional center. 

If he were a couple of inches taller, he'd make more sense as a center. However, San Antonio drafting a four who can’t shoot in the top half of the lottery seems like a bad idea.

Grade: D

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