Spurs: 1 Free agent to consider from every West playoff team

Kawhi Leonard
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San Antonio Spurs
JaVale McGee / Nic Antaya/Getty Images

JaVale McGee - C, Denver Nuggets

Anyway, back to semi-realistic free agents that only halfway fit the Spurs' needs. JaVale McGee and Paul Milsap are the Nuggets' only free agents that aren't point guards or have a player option. That said, Milsap will be 37 in February.

By default, McGee is the only name that can fit the parameters of this article, even if he wouldn't bring much the Spurs don't already have. JaVale would certainly be a lob threat with a massive wingspan. He would also help on the glass on both ends of the floor.

What McGee wouldn't help with are perimeter defense, outside shooting, and floor spacing. I don't see this paring happening, so let's move on.

San Antonio Spurs
Torrey Craig / Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

Torrey Craig - SF, Phoenix Suns

You might recognize Torrey Craig's name from his breakout Game 4 against the Spurs the last time they were in the playoffs. In the game, he finished with 18 points and eight boards on 5-of-7 shooting from deep. Since then, he's shown that shooting success wasn't a fluke.

Craig buried threes at a rate of 36.8 percent this season and has added improved rebounding to his game with the Suns. At 6-7, Craig would be another two-way wing to add to the Spurs' growing arsenal that includes Murray, White, and Walker.

Torrey will be an unrestricted free agent this summer and only made $1.7 million this season. While San Antonio shouldn't get carried away, Craig is worth throwing a decent payday toward as a solid role player.