Spurs: 1 Free agent to consider from every West playoff team

Kawhi Leonard
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San Antonio Spurs
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Kawhi Leonard - SF, LA Clippers

Yup, it's time to open that can of worms. I've made no secret of my disdain for how Kawhi Leonard and his Uncle Dennis handled his departure from the Spurs. In fact, I wrote up an entire tournament of all-time Spurs villains featuring them as high seeds. I've also been actively rooting against his success in Los Angeles. Is it petty? Absolutely, but that's just how it is.

All that said, I'd be a fool to say I wouldn't love to see Kawhi reunited with Coach Popovich and the Spurs. He's the kind of player that instantly turns you into a contender, and it would be an absolute thrill to see him playing alongside the up-and-coming core of young Spurs.

Let's be honest, though. To call Kawhi's return to the Alamo City a pipe dream would be generous. It's not going to happen. He enjoyed back-to-back 60-plus win seasons with the Spurs, made it to the Western Conference Finals, and still had his sights set on returning to the West Coast.

Leonard and his uncle not only want to play in a big market, but they want him to play in one that's constantly in the title hunt. It's why he left Toronto -- cause it was only the latter.

While another flame-out with the Clippers could end his time in Los Angeles, I don't see him having any reason to want to go back to the city he rejected once before. Would I welcome him back given his all-world talent? Sure. But I'm not holding my breath.