Spurs: 1 Free agent to consider from every West playoff team

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Derrick Jones Jr. - SF, Portland Trail Blazers

Although the Portland Trail Blazers have a lot of free agents this summer, few of them make any sense for the San Antonio Spurs. One who does, however, is 6-5 forward Derrick Jones Jr. The 23-year-old has shown promise and has freakish athleticism but hasn't found a long-term role yet in his five-year career.

In Portland, Jones had seven did-not-plays in the team's final 12 games and has only played for 10.5 minutes so far in the playoffs. It's safe to say the Blazers don't seem to believe Derrick is in their future plans, even if he has the option to return for $9.5 million next season.

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Defensively, the Spurs need someone with a combination of footspeed and a large wingspan, both of which Jones possesses. While he's not a lockdown defender, he can keep up on the perimeter without sacrificing too much size, which is what San Antonio's current roster struggles with.

Jones possesses much more of a jump shot than both Jakob Poeltl and Drew Eubanks (which I know isn't saying much), so that would help a team that could use more spacing in an outdated system still relying on mid-range shots.

Derrick shouldn't be a priority this season, but he would be a solid pickup for the right price for the Silver and Black.