Spurs: 1 Free agent to consider from every West playoff team

Kawhi Leonard
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Markieff Morris - PF, Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers have a whopping 11 free agents to sort out this summer, headlined by Dennis Schroder, Montrezl Harrell, and Andre Drummond. Schroder would need too much money and the Spurs already have Dejounte Murray. I've previously discussed Harrell, but given that he has a player option to return to playing with LeBron James and Anthony Davis, he seems an unlikely prospect.

Frankly, the Spurs are covered when it comes to the wing position, which is the majority of the Lakers' free agent pool. One man I could see fitting into San Antonio's system, however, is Markieff Morris. Although he hasn't shot the three well for the Lakers this season, he's been hitting 36.3 percent of his outside shots since the 2016-17 season.

At 6-9 and 245 pounds, Morris would bring the kind of toughness the Spurs were originally seeking from his brother, Marcus. Given that Marcus cost the Spurs a lot when he backed out on his verbal agreement, however, that could deter San Antonio from reaching out to Markieff. He also has a history of attitude problems that have led to team suspensions and other issues.

While the Spurs have made it work with similar guys with attitude issues like Stephen Jackson in the past, I wouldn't count on them reaching out to Morris, even if he could bring them some help on the court.