Spurs: 1 Free agent to consider from every East playoff team

Nerlens Noel
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San Antonio Spurs Danny Green
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Danny Green - SF/SG, Philadelphia 76ers

To borrow from an old Chris Farley SNL character, remember the time Danny Green set an NBA record for most 3-pointers made in an NBA Finals series? That was awesome. While that was since broken by Steph Curry with 32 to Green's 27, that's the kind of record that shows you his shooting ability.

Since that season, Danny has dipped below the 36 percent 3-point shooting mark in just one season and bumped back up above 40 percent this year with the 76ers. San Antonio is where Danny truly blossomed into the player he's since become, which is apparently the good luck charm for any team hoping to win an NBA title.

Green is now seeking his third straight title with all of them being different teams, which is incredible as it is. Beyond that, he still has the 3 and D capabilities he developed in the Alamo City and undoubtedly has a soft spot for the organization that gave him his first real shot.

While he might be pricier than the Spurs are willing to spend on (he made $15 million this season), there's at least an outside chance San Antonio throws some feelers his way, although I'd say his return to San Antonio has a slim shot of actually happening.