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Spurs: 1 Free agent to consider from every East playoff team

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Garrison Mathews - SG, Washington Wizards

If the past few seasons are any indication, the Spurs will be linked to high-profile names all summer long only to end up with signings like Garrison Mathews. No knock on the guy, but he's not exactly going to move the needle much in San Antonio.

Still, acquiring a 39 percent outside shooter wouldn't be the worst thing in the world for a team that was flat-out terrible in that department last season. Garrison's 38.4 percent mark this season would have eclipsed Rudy Gay's team-leading 38.1 percent shooting, making him the best shooter on the squad.

At age 24, Mathews hasn't received much playing time on the Washington Wizards, averaging just 15.4 minutes per game in his 82 games played. While not quite the height of Davis Bertans, he'd likely have a similar role in San Antonio -- be there to space the floor and hit shots.

If you're getting flashbacks of the Bryn Forbes and Marco Belinelli days right now, I can't fault you. Mathews isn't exactly a lockdown defender, but his 6-5 frame and age alone should allow him to offer more resistance than those guys on that end of the floor.

With all this being said, the Wizards have slim pickings when it comes to available free agents. The Spurs already have two big men without an outside jumper so don't really need Alex Len. If the Spurs dip into the Wizards roster this summer, Garrison's shooting would likely be the only reason.