San Antonio Spurs: Franz Wagner adds needed playmaking edge

By Damien Bartonek
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Franz Wagner
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Franz Wagner could be one of the San Antonio Spurs' best facilitators

The best part of his game as it is today would have to be his playmaking ability. While his aforementioned lack of athleticism coupled with his limited pull-up scoring game will limit his shot-creation upside, his facilitating upside is so big for his position that it may not matter.

Wagner is particularly gifted as a pick-and-roll passer, and in general, it will be his best offensive attribute coming into the league. He makes quick and decisive reads and is a willing and gifted passer from the moment a basketball touches his hands.

Whether it be an overhead skip pass out of the pick and roll, a straight line drive and kick to an open shooter, a dump off to his roll-man, or even an extra swing to the open shooter, Wagner's IQ and versatility shine brightest when he's asked to hit the open man. He had an assist-to-turnover ratio of 2.33, which placed him in the 96th percentile, averaging three assists per contest.

Wagner doesn't necessarily need the ball in his hands offensively to make a difference, particularly when he's looking to score himself, but he can create for others when he has the rock. Even on defense, he still doesn't need to be active on the ball to make a difference; he's constantly engaged on that end of the floor.