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San Antonio Spurs: 4 Shooters to Add in Free Agency

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A Low-Risk High Reward Wing: Josh Hart

Josh Hart is not going to make a ton of money as a restricted free agent this offseason, so the Spurs could strike a bargain deal with the 25-year-old wing. The Pelicans are not exactly a team that players want to spend their entire careers playing for, and Hart could want out.

Josh Hart would not be a starter for the Spurs, but his wing shooting and defense would be a welcome presence off the bench. Hart is not a world-beating shooter or a defensive stud, but he manages to do everything well enough and could still develop into a better player, especially by working with Chip Engelland.

Hart is coming off one of his better seasons in his four-year career, and moving from the Lakers to New Orleans seemed to do good things for his game. Perhaps another relocation, this time on his own terms, could take him to the next level. Additionally, if the Spurs were to sign Hart, they would still have the cap space to chase after a legitimate star and possibly even retain Mills. Hart provides options for the Spurs to keep building around.

He has shot 35% from deep over the course of his career, which fits in with the team average. That being said, he's shot the three-ball as well as about 40% when he had a less significant role with the Lakers. Allowing him to play a similar role in San Antonio could help him to return to being a bit more efficient.

Josh Hart is not going to take the Spurs from being a play-in team to being a contender, but he could be a nice complementary piece off the bench among an already-established core.