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One Final Tim Duncan Memory

Rounding out your favorite Tim Duncan memories, Air Alamo writer Jared Greenspan (@MindofJared) went for an unconventional route with his answer: Duncan's performances in losses. Jared has made it no secret how strongly he feels about Tim's legacy, as he put on full display in his recent passionate rebuke of anyone that tries to discredit it.

Here's what Jared had to say when asked what stands out to him about Tim:

"My favorite Duncan memories were probably my most painful Spurs memories. I was at Game 5 in 2014 and Game 2 in 2005. I even met Tim Duncan after a Nets game in The Meadowlands, and those memories meant the world to me and were beyond special on a personal level. But from a basketball perspective, the way Duncan performed in playoff losses speaks so much to the character he embodied so much throughout his career."

"People all remember the 2004 Derek Fisher shot .4 second shot to sink the Spurs in Game 5. Fewer people remember the amazing shot Duncan hit over Shaq to take the lead with just .4 seconds left. Fewer still remember that Duncan BALLED OUT that game to the tune of 21 points in a game where the Spurs only scored 72, and whose 21 rebounds, 4 blocks, and stifling interior defense were a big reason Shaq only scored 11 that game. "

"For that painful Ray Allen shot in Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals, Duncan had a super-efficient 25-point first half before not actually playing in the final possession. He also had a 25-point performance in Game 7 in which he held Bosh to a crisp 0-point game. People don't remember these performances because Duncan garnered so much success that people forget the losses. Duncan took all the blame for every loss. "

Jared's words truly encapsulate what it was like to have Tim Duncan as a teammate. Win or lose, he was always putting up a classic performance and giving the Spurs a chance to win. Jared wrapped up his thoughts with one parting thought.

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"Loyal and selflessness, maybe even to a fault, with his willingness to sacrifice his personal success to best help the Spurs. That's how I remember Tim."

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