Spurs fans share their personal favorite Tim Duncan memories

Tim Duncan
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A Personal Interaction with Tim Duncan

Beyond on-court abilities, there was always plenty to admire about the way Tim Duncan conducted himself off the court. Living in San Antonio, I haven't had the privilege of any in-person interactions, but I've heard nothing but good things from those who have.

One such story I gathered was from Spurs writer for News4SA and co-host of At the Line Podcast, Ty Jager (@TheTyJager):

"There was one time in high school when my family was visiting San Antonio after moving away a few years ago. We went to one of our favorite restaurants in the area and it was just busy as hell. Well, we were looking for a parking spot and we saw this really tall guy wave us down to give us his spot. It just happened to be Tim Duncan giving us his parking spot as he was leaving in his Buick. So I always get to say now that Tim Duncan gave us his parking spot."

The smallest of gestures from someone as big as Tim can make someone's day, and I feel like he's aware of that. Tim isn't just beloved in the city for what he did on the hardwood, but how he always represented them off of it.

Getting back to what he did when all the lights were on, Project Spurs' Benjamin Bornstein (@THE_BOOMSTEIN) recounted one of his favorite stories about Tim, but it didn't have to do with his basketball skills.

"One of my favorites is Etan Thomas. Thomas tried to make a move on Duncan, who blocked his shot. Duncan is coaching him back up the court and telling ET to get into his body so he can’t block him or he’s forced to foul. ET followed the advice and TD couldn’t block him, but he did happen to miss that shot. Still hilarious to me."

This particular story is one of my personal favorites as well, and I included more details about it in my compilation of the 10 best quotes from opponents about Duncan earlier this week. I just can't imagine any other player in the league doing something like this while still being as competitive as Tim was.