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Spurs fans rank 3 huge trade packages for Dejounte Murray

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Danilo Gallinari, Onyeka Okongwu, two 2023 1st rd picks, 2025 1st rd pick

By far the most popular trade package proposed by Carter was the one featuring 21-year-old center, Onyeka Okongwu. He's been popular among Spurs fans for some time now, and those juicy draft picks seem to just be the cherry on top according to you all.

This trade scenario received a whopping 152 points in the survey, finishing first in 25 of the 47 polls (53.1%).

"Okungwu is awesome, but I don’t think those picks would be very valuable," said Dylan Carter, the originator of the trade idea. For the record, he ranked the Wizards' package as the best, followed by the Knicks', Hawks', and Timberwolves' trades.

"I think the Hawks offer has been what most have centered around: three firsts and Gallinari. Throwing in Okongwu is the icing on the cake. This is truly what would be needed to wrench Dejounte away from the Spurs," said @ChaseReynolds.

Others, like writer Jonah Kubicek, disagreed. "Atlanta is dead last because between Collins, Young, and Murray, I think they will be very good for a long time," he said.

My Rankings

As for me, I think the Knicks' combination of potentially valuable picks and young talent makes theirs the best potential offer. Dejounte is obviously the best player in any of these trades, but this at least gives them a nice, young guard not yet at his prime along with a wild card that cold blossom, in Cam Reddish.

After that, give me the Hawks' package because of Okongwu and the more immediate picks (I'm not a patient man with the Spurs.)

Rounding out the list would be the Timberwolves, followed by the Wizards in last place. I'm just not impressed by the players that would be headed to San Antonio and the picks wouldn't convey for another couple of years.

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With all this said, I still feel like moving on from Murray when he's really starting to shine in a starring role is certainly questionable and could make next season fairly painful to watch. Be prepared to say goodbye to the semi-rebuild and hello to a full-on teardown if a trade indeed comes to fruition.