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Spurs fans rank 3 huge trade packages for Dejounte Murray

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Immanuel Quickley, Cam Reddish, two 1st round picks in 2023 (via WAS & DAL), 2024 1st round pick

Since I had to do away with the Washington Wizards' package that had 101 points, next on your rankings was this package from the Knicks at 125. This one features a budding young talent in Immanuel Quickly and a host of help in the next couple of years in the form of picks.

This option received 12 first-place rankings out of the total 47 polled. Here's what you had to say about this hypothetical offer from New York.

"The Knicks give up 2 players that are moldable while still providing two picks for the upcoming draft." said @Djenkins744. The Hawks offer is the same except with only one player worth being kept."

"The Knicks are gonna suck," said one user by the name of Popovich. "So picks will be higher and you have two picks in 2023, increasing the chances of picking first next year."

"The Knicks have the second-best package with the abundance of first-round picks in the 2023 Draft and another in 2024," said Pounding the Rock's Ty Jager. "If you want picks that could result in success in two years, that's the deal to do. Plus, unlocking Reddish's abilities helps you out tremendously."

@KhanofHoops saw things a bit differently. "The Knicks deal has the worst value both pick and player wise," he said. "Reddish is nothing more than a good defender with little to offer on offense while Quickley is a good scorer and that's about it."

Up next, let's jump into the package you all liked the best, which comes from the Atlanta Hawks.