Spurs Fans Should Never Let Lakers Hear the End of This

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San Antonio Spurs
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The NBA's golden child crashed and burned in front of the world

When the national TV schedule was released at the start of the season, the Los Angeles Lakers had a whopping 42 games on the docket. Yes, that's more than half of their games and exactly 42 more than the Spurs had.

By the time April came around, Lakers fans were begging the Spurs to end their misery. It became a regular occurrence for me to see NBA fans on Twitter asking why they had to watch the Lake Show lose on national TV once again.

I really hope this serves as a lesson for the league to give more up-and-coming teams some love in the national spotlight. I know the Lakers and Knicks will always get way more games than they deserve given their massive markets, but not showcasing teams like the Spurs at all and severely limiting the Grizzlies is a terrible look. Any team getting over 40 games in a given season is just ridiculous.

Still, at least "we were all witness" to one of the most humiliating collapses ever. And the crazy part is this might not even be the bottom for the Lakers, which I'll get into next.