Spurs Fans Should Never Let Lakers Hear the End of This

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San Antonio Spurs
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The Arrogance and entitlement make this result sweeter

I'll get around to the Spurs' amazing late-season run in the near future, but this is about basking in the failure of a team and fanbase loaded with arrogance and entitlement. I mean, LeBron James tweeted that IN AUGUST and ended up deleting it. Just look at the language in it, literally begging people to remember their mindset when his team inevitably kicks it into overdrive. Well, I remember how it turned out.

That moment never came. In fact, no LeBron-led team has ever had as many losses as the 2021-22 Lakers now have.

It hardly stops there, as Russell Westbrook has often demonstrated poor sportsmanship on the court. I spent a brief time covering him as a Houston Rocket, so I know just how much he does for communities off the court, which definitely should be commended. But his in-your-face, yelling-when-ahead nature rubs many the wrong way, myself included. I still can't forget his taunting in the NBA bubble with an arena full of players' kids. While hilarious, it was telling.

I fully acknowledge that Gregg Popovich would never gloat about another team's downfall like this, and neither would anyone in the organization. But, hey, I've already admitted Pop is a much better person than I am. After all, I write for FanSided. I'm a Spurs fan at heart. We don't like the Lakers and they don't like us. I do enough unbiased coverage that I deserve one of these once in a while.

So let's continue.