San Antonio Spurs draft: Big Ten conference prospects

Kyle Forson
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5. Hunter Dickinson - Hybrid Big, Michigan

What we have here is pure leadership, and what I like about this prospect the most is that he loves to talk trash, which is appropriate for keeping the Fab Five's tradition alive and well.

Dickinson is as talented as anyone in the country and will transition into the professional ranks well. His abilities to play at a high level are not what I want to focus on, but rather his rough-around-the-edges persona.

The San Antonio Spurs do not have that "bad-boy" image on their team. Even though Dickenson is still young relative to the majority of NBA players, he is among the most confident basketball players I have ever seen play, and he is not afraid to let anyone know it. He has an edge to him that not many players have, which could be an angle for the Spurs to explore in terms of evaluating players in the draft assuming the talent is there. And in this case, it is.

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Any of these five future NBA players would be a good fit in San Antonio, and the Spurs would benefit hugely by signing one of these talented young men out of the Big Ten conference.