5 Lob Threat Prospects the Spurs could pair with Dejounte Murray

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Last, but far from least, we have Baylor's Kendall Brown, who is one of my favorite prospects in his draft class outside of a few of the consensus top players of this year. His age, size, skillset, athleticism, and poise on the court all strike me as things that the Spurs will find highly desirable with a high lottery pick.

Brown has by far been one of the biggest surprises and draft risers so far this season. While he was advertised as a bouncy athlete that can rebound in bunches coming into the season, his passing ability was sold dramatically short. In only his second college game against Nicholls early on in the season, Brown very nearly recorded a triple double, only coming short by two rebounds.

For an 18-year-old, his awareness, decision-making, and selflessness in combination with his defensive versatility make him a player that I think the Spurs will be highly interested in developing. While I don't necessarily think he's the most skilled player on this list or even the best overall player on the list (yet), he could have a very high ceiling if he remains efficient with his shooting.

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To return to the topic at hand here, though, Brown has elite athleticism, is the biggest lob threat on this list, and should slide in seamlessly with Dejounte Murray and others on the team. While he may take a bit more time to develop compared to some others featured on the list, if he continues to refine his skill, the payoff for his development could be massive.