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5 Lob Threat Prospects the Spurs could pair with Dejounte Murray

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Bennedict Mathurin. 2. 511. . . . player.

Nobody may have asked for this hot take, but I'll share it anyway: I think Benn Mathurin could end up being the best guard in his draft class (and I think the Spurs should take notice). While I think that implying that Jaden Ivey could be a lob threat is a bit of a stretch despite his athleticism, I have no reservations at all calling Mathurin one. His vertical athleticism is borderline freakish and he seems to have no fear of finishing through contact.

What makes Mathurin particularly special, though, is how well he operates away from the ball. He has a knack for making good cuts, loves to move around the perimeter to find space for an open three, and has already shown himself to be a lob threat at Arizona.

Despite his increased usage and more shot attempts, Mathurin has stayed consistent as a 3-point shooter (hitting about 38.5% up to this point), and there is no question that he has NBA range. He has the athletic tools and necessary skills to be a serious three-level scoring threat and it's beginning to show in a big way. Considering that he uses his athleticism to his advantage on defense as well is icing on the proverbial cake.

At this point, my biggest complaint of Mathurin's game is his lack of self-creation skills off the bounce, but because of just how good he already is away from the ball, it may not even matter early on in his career. The Spurs are already full of guards that do their most offensive damage with the ball in their hands, so acquiring a player that would add more off-ball movement, shooting, and perimeter defense make quite a bit of sense, even if it means having to let go of another guard.