Spurs' Derrick White and Lonnie Walker are on the hot seat

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Devin Vassell's arrival should have White's starting spot in question

There are several reasons fans are calling for Devin Vassell to be in the starting lineup. For one, his two-way game has taken another leap as he's increased his scoring to nearly 13 points per game through the first few weeks of the season.

Plugging Devin into White's spot doesn't hurt the Spurs defensively, as he's just as capable of a defender. Where it might complicate things sometimes is on the offensive end. White is one of the team's best creators and is averaging a career-best 5.5 assists per game. Would he be that effective in that role off the bench?

Of course, the fact that White is better with the ball in his hands also speaks to why he and Dejounte Murray sharing the court to begin games might be counter-productive. While they're one of the best defending backcourts in the NBA, they're pretty much the same player offensively at this point.

Vassell, meanwhile, is making quick progress with his offensive game and making it look easy while doing it.

I suspect Coach Popovich will wait to see if the return of Jakob Poeltl will help Derrick White get back to his expected form, but it's getting hard to ignore just how well Vassell is playing. Because of that, he's already putting Vassell on the court in clutch situations and playing him more than one of the team's starters, Doug McDermott.

White's lackluster play should have him in the hot seat early, and Vassell's improvement could very well move that seat to the bench if things don't start to turn around. The heart and hustle he shows are evident in how much he cares about winning. His frustration after the Spurs' loss to the Mavericks was a great indicator of his ability to be a leader on the team.

As for Lonnie Walker, one talented teenager could be coming for his spot in the rotation if he doesn't show us all something as well. More on that after the jump.