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San Antonio Spurs: Derrick White Might Be The Best Defender in the NBA

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His Steal and Foul Numbers are Off the Charts

Derrick White is tied for 12th in the league in steals with seven. Others like Gary Trent Jr and Miles Bridges have nine apiece, and Alex Caruso, of all people, stands alone with 13 so far.

Derrick White is tied with LaMelo Ball, Stephen Curry, Marcus Smart, Dejounte Murray, and Alperen Sengun. It should be noted that only Sengun has played fewer minutes than White, who is cementing himself as one of the best defenders in the league. 

Based on steals alone, White will probably remain in the same company the entire season. Aside from the very young players, I don’t see any of the guys even with him or ahead of him to back off anytime soon. Falling into the top ten range in steals is great, and when you pair him with Dejounte Murray, the Spurs’ backcourt is downright dangerous. 

But does being in the top of the defensive hierarchy in terms of one stat allow for him to make an All-Defensive team? Probably not, because again, the San Antonio Spurs name holds little weight as a mid-tier, small-market team who is unfortunately labeled as “boring.” Fortunately for White, he makes a stronger case than just stealing the ball.