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San Antonio Spurs: Derrick White Might Be The Best Defender in the NBA

San Antonio Spurs v Denver Nuggets
San Antonio Spurs v Denver Nuggets / Jamie Schwaberow/GettyImages
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If you’re reading Air Alamo then you’re probably aware of the fact that the San Antonio Spurs are not only one of the most fun teams to watch but also one of the hardest playing teams in the entire league. Jakob Poeltl goes for every rebound, Drew Eubanks tries to dunk all the time, and Lonnie Walker, Dejounte Murray, and Derrick White bring scrappiness that the league hasn’t seen since Manu Ginobili. 

If you’ve been following the Spurs recently you also know that they get consistently snubbed of every individual accolade possible. Dejounte Murray hasn’t been on an All-Defensive team in years, DeMar DeRozan wasn’t an All-Star (although he probably will be this year, shameless plug to my Twitter), and all their recent signings, including the brilliant addition of Dougie McBuckets, went under the radar. 

So far in this young season, it looks like Derrick White will return the Spurs into the limelight with perhaps the best defensive efforts I’ve seen, ever. I’m trying to remain optimistic. I really believe he could have the best defensive season of his stellar defensive career and still be snubbed despite many reasons pointing to the contrary.