Defense vs Offense: Which is a Bigger Problem for the Spurs?

San Antonio Spurs Derrick White
San Antonio Spurs Derrick White / Nic Antaya/GettyImages
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At 19-33, the San Antonio Spurs have undoubtedly struggled through the first 50+ games of the season. That's not entirely unexpected, however, considering this season is the first year of a rebuild. Yet, interestingly enough, they've also managed to drastically underperform their point-differential. That's hard to do, considering it's a predictive stat that uses offensive and defensive rating
to determine a team's expected win-loss record.

The Spurs have an expected win-loss of closer to a .500 record for most of the season, but they are actually well below that mark. So why have the Spurs underperformed their expected record? Is it a result of their offensive issues or their inconsistent defensive performances? Let's examine which one is their biggest problem.

Despite being 14 games under .500, San Antonio has been surprisingly competitive this season, but it hasn't translated into many wins. There are a number of reasons for that being the case, but it boils down to them ranking just 15th in offensive rating and 20th in defensive rating.

Let's jump into the numbers and the recurring issues to see which side of the ball the Spurs need to work on the most.