These 2 San Antonio Spurs could use an extra dose of 'nasty'

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2. Lonnie Walker should use some nasty to finish at the basket

While he's undoubtedly the team's most athletic finisher, there are some aspects of Lonnie Walker's game that could use a boost to get it to another level. Something I've noticed on his strong drives to the basket is a tendency to avoid contact instead of embrace it. Doing so often leads to an awkward finger roll attempt or off-balance runner that rims out.

This season, I'd love to see Lonnie channel some of Keldon's mojo when it comes to finishing inside. Johnson's ability to embrace and finish through contact led to him having a 65.2% shooting mark from 0-3 feet. In his rookie season, that number was 71.1%. Walker's finishing rate within three feet of the rim last year was 57.2%.

While Johnson has more muscle and that makes it easier for him, you don't need a ton of muscle to be a finisher in this league. Having Manu Ginobili on the sidelines should help Lonnie in this department, as he was one of the most fearless attackers the NBA has ever seen.

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It takes some guts to take a hit and get back up time and time again, and Walker has the skills to be a guy that can do just that. The heart is there. The shooting is there. It's time to add some nasty.