These 2 San Antonio Spurs could use an extra dose of 'nasty'

Jakob Poeltl
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San Antonio Spurs
Jakob Poeltl / Justin Ford/Getty Images

1. Jakob Poeltl could use an infusion of nasty

Since the beginning of their dominant run through the league in 1999, the San Antonio Spurs have had a rich history of centers that have succeeded despite being limited offensively. From Rasho Nesterovic to Nazr Mohammed to Tiago Splitter, Coach Popovich (with the help of his Hall of Famers) has been able to turn many a big man into a champion.

While a championship is far away for this squad, Jakob Poeltl fits the mold for what has worked at the center position for title-winning Spurs teams of the past. His defense is exceptional, he's good at setting screens, and his rebounding is above average.

While Poeltl has rightfully locked up the starting center position for the Silver and Black, I can't help but think he could benefit from an added dose of toughness and attitude. Too often, he's looked timid on the court, particularly when it comes to finishing around the basket. While he's not emotionless, he also doesn't show a lot of passion, at least on the outside.

I don't expect Jakob to change his entire personality and be yelling in guys' faces or screaming 'and one' every time down. It's not who he is, and that's perfectly fine. But I'd like to see some more toughness around the basket. He's 7-1 and 245 pounds. As Bill Walton says, throw it down big man, one time.