San Antonio Spurs: Constructing the ideal 2021-22 bench unit

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San Antonio Spurs SF: Devin Vassell

Devin Vassell could easily become the best 3-point shooter on the roster. At Florida State, he shot well over 40 percent from deep over two seasons. In his rookie campaign in the NBA, he still was at 35 percent. Keep in mind, NBA defense is much better and the 3-point line is further back. 

Vassell could evolve into the ideal wing. His per 36-minute stats show he can be an elite defender and a sharpshooter from the corner. He doesn’t need to put the ball on the floor too much to make an impact.

In the coming years, Vassell will hopefully make the jump to the starting five and be tasked with locking down the opposition’s best player. But for the upcoming season, he can be a lockdown defense and deadeye shooter, providing high-volume points. 

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On the offensive end, I would like him to stay in the corner so a guard can find him for an open three, but on defense, he can wreak havoc on the interior as well and the perimeter. He can block shots and crash the boards with his long arms and athleticism, taking away potential second-chance points.

I don’t think he’ll be on the bench for long, but he’ll be a very important presence for 2021 when he won’t quite crack the starting five.