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San Antonio Spurs: Constructing the ideal 2021-22 bench unit

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San Antonio Spurs SG: Lonnie Walker IV

If the Spurs finish in the top four in the Western Conference, Lonnie Walker IV could easily win the Sixth Man of the Year Award. He can shoot above anyone, pull up for a three, and shoot off the dribble. Plus, he's versatile. 

Need to drive to the paint? Walker can do it. He can also disrupt passing lanes and rebound decently for a skinnier guard. The only thing that needs work is his passing. With Tre Jones or Patty Mills facilitating, though, this shouldn’t hurt the team. 

Manu Ginobili is the greatest sixth man ever (argue in the comments if you must, but you won’t change my mind). Walker IV has already been compared to him, and the comparison has actually been around for years.

I don’t get the feeling that Walker needs to be “the guy” on the Spurs. I think he’d be content coming off the bench if it meant he was winning. Jones and Walker could be the best bench backcourt in the NBA in a few seasons, and I can’t wait for the Spurs to fill a trophy case with their Sixth Man of the Year awards for the next decade.