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San Antonio Spurs: Constructing the ideal 2021-22 bench unit

Patty Mills
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San Antonio Spurs PG: Tre Jones or Patty Mills

I really like Tre Jones and I want him to play an important role in San Antonio for his entire career. But I still love Patty Mills. The shooting spark he provides off the bench is still there, and he is one of the best locker room presences in the entire league.

The Spurs should not move away from Mills, nor are they ready to. But it’s time for him to pass the torch as the primary bench point guard, and Tre Jones seems like the best option.

Jones is a defensive stopper. He proved that at Duke, being named to the All-ACC Defensive Team twice. He has also been steadily improving his 3-point shot since his freshmen year and has always been a good, if not great, facilitator. 

Patty is the steady hand any team needs, and Jones is the young buck who needs to prove himself on the NBA stage. In crunch time, Patty Mills can help win games, but in the second or third quarters, Jones can try and take on a leadership role. If it doesn’t work one night, the reins can be handed back to Mills. 

I’m not a fan of teams having instability on the bench. The primary ball-handler should not rotate. But this is an exception to the rule. One is young and inexperienced, and the other is a champion. Eventually, Jones will be the primary bench point guard, but 2021-22 is not the season this will happen.