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San Antonio Spurs: Josh Giddey should be considered at #12

By Damien Bartonek
Josh Giddey
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At the very least, Josh Giddey can initiate offense for the Spurs' second unit immediately in his rookie year in a limited capacity. Despite being just 18 years old, he has a great feel for the game that should translate well to the Spurs' system.

The odds of a teenager logging in minutes in year one for the Spurs seems unlikely, but Giddey is definitely ready to play small minutes here based on his IQ and passing ability alone. His major flaw at the moment is his shooting ability: something that Chip Engelland and company can work to improve on from the moment he dons the Silver and Black jersey.

He certainly has some boom-or-bust potential, but he'll never find himself without a defined role within the early years of his career. With how often teams run pick-and-roll offense, Giddey will find himself running plays for some NBA team's offense, despite not having a strong pull-up jumper for the time being.

Giddey has already shown an obvious gift for making high-level passes and displayed some strong touch around the rim, and if he can extend that range into an 8-12 foot floater, Giddey will be a multifaceted threat in the pick and roll for many seasons to come in the NBA.

That skillset fits impeccably well in San Antonio, as they currently occupy one of the best roll-men in the NBA in Jakob Poeltl, with only one truly great pick-and-roll ball-handler in Derrick White. Giddey immediately adds to this, and with his fantastic eye for passing, he can make tough passes to find open shooters out of the pick and roll.

On defense, he'll be a beneficial defender along the perimeter, as he's technically sound here and plays to his strengths despite his athletic weaknesses. With a high IQ on the offensive end of the floor, there's a strong reason to believe that he'll be an exceptional team defender as well on the other end in that he'll be able to read those same passes from other facilitators.

He'll likely make the transition to play the role of a big facilitating wing in the NBA, and if I'm the Spurs, I'm looking to play him as the team's power forward. While his scoring is still a work in progress, he can still provide playmaking from the frontcourt that currently isn't on the team, and he can provide the rebounding that a more traditional power forward would bring to the team.

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Should Josh Giddey find a competent NBA-level jump shot, San Antonio will have a consistent contributor and core member of their franchise for years to come. He will bring a new dimension of skill not already present on the team, could bring unexpected upside as a scorer in the future, and ultimately raise the ceiling of the whole team.