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San Antonio Spurs' Connections Around NBA Show Dominance

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The Spurs' Network Shows Continued Success

The Cavaliers, Nuggets, Pacers, Lakers, Timberwolves, Pelicans, and Magic are the seven teams without any former Spurs in their employment.

Yes, there were some people who coached for Austin, but as long as they got paid for it, it counts. Goran Dragic is the only person who I felt weird about, but here he is, being labeled as a great draft pick by the Spurs, so it’s close enough.

Luka Samanic is yet to play a game for the Knicks, but they are paying him. Dominique Wilkins is some sort of Vice President for the Hawks and has a less-than-conventional role, but he is a part of that franchise. 

The interesting part about the list is not the magnitude of former Spurs around the league. It’s the success they currently have. The 22 teams with Spurs on the payroll are 319-282 this season as of December 14th. That’s a playoff-caliber winning percentage of .531. The seven teams without Spurs are 83-114, or .421. That record would send a team to the lottery.

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With a sample size this large, it is fair to say that the Spurs' way has a direct connection to team success. Five championships are hard to argue with, but I’d say this makes an even better point. The recipe is simple: to win, hire Spurs.