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San Antonio Spurs: What should the closing lineup be?

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Jakob Poeltl Keldon Johnson Dejounte Murray / Ronald Cortes/Getty Images
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San Antonio Spurs Dejounte Murray / Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

San Antonio Spurs Point Guard: Dejounte Murray

Dejounte Murray is the obvious choice at point guard in the closing lineup, considering that he may be the Spurs' best player heading into next season. With key contributors gone, he’ll likely need to carry more of the scoring load, something that he appears capable of doing. Furthermore, his improved playmaking and decision-making will be key, especially in late-game situations where turnovers are more costly and opposing defenses tend to be better.

Having Murray on the floor ensures that the Spurs will be able to get into their offensive sets. He’d also be an asset for when plays break down. This is due to his ability to take his defender off the dribble and either get a decent mid-range shot or get all the way to the rim.

On the defensive end, he can also cover the opposing team’s best guard while still wreaking havoc in the passing lanes. Murray’s forcing of turnovers not only takes possessions away from the opposing teams but it allows him to get out in transition, where he’s particularly effective. Overall, he could have a big impact late in close games due to his scoring, shot creation, and defense.

San Antonio Spurs
San Antonio Spurs Derrick White / Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

San Antonio Spurs Shooting Guard: Derrick White

Derrick White is another obvious choice to help close games at shooting guard, given his versatility. White adds another trusted playmaker to the unit, one who can reliably create his own shot and shots for others, particularly in the pick and roll.

He can also play off-ball and help space the floor when others drive or fire away from three when open. Additionally, he’s comfortable putting the ball on the floor and knocking down pull-up jumpers or finishing with floaters, layups, and dunks.

Defensively, he can be equally as impactful. He can put the clamps on the other team’s best guard, allowing Murray to conserve energy by taking the second option, or vice versa. He can also provide terrific help defense by either taking charges, blocking shots, or forcing turnovers. Ultimately, I feel that White’s a talented two-way player who could come up big in the clutch, making him a perfect fit for the closing lineup.