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SA Spurs: Buy or sell on 5 common criticisms of the new era

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"The Spurs will be a bottom-tier team for years to come."

The Spurs have now been in the Western Conference play-in tournament for two years in a row and have lost both. Finishing seven and six games below .500 certainly isn't where the team wants to be, and the odds are high they could be facing a similar fate this season. So how long can we expect this to be the case?

Well, just as we're not sure how the 2022 roster will pan out, we can't be sure how long this rebuild will take either. Sure, there aren't any All-Stars on the team. Yes, other teams in the West are stacked. Do the Spurs have their work cut out for them? Absolutely. Is it impossible to be back before long? No.

As John Hollinger aptly pointed out recently, the "win now and forget the future" mode so many teams have gone into should open the competitiveness door wider by the 2024-25 season. Obviously, the Spurs would ideally be back in the conversation of playoff contenders well before then, but it's at least some kind of tangible timeline.

The way the young core develops and the team continues to adapt to the modern game are the two biggest factors in how long we'll have to wait to see the Spurs back where they'd like to be. Call me an optimist if you want, but I can see a light at the end of the tunnel, even if it's not very bright right now.

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