Spurs: Latest B/R trades include one big whiff, one with potential

Davis Bertans, Josh Richardson
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The first trade has 3-point specialist Davis Bertans reuniting with his first NBA squad along with two future second-round picks for Zach Collins.

"Swapping Bertans for Collins would save the Mavericks $8.6 million this upcoming season while also giving them a rotation big," says Greg Swartz in his analysis. "The Spurs are in terrific financial shape with no player making over $16.5 million a year and could afford to take Bertans on provided they get some incentive to do so."

The incentives he mentions are the two second-rounders, which probably won't be very early in the second round when you consider the Mavericks' potential. That's far from the biggest problem with this proposal though. Let me go ahead and write in big letters where this premise falls apart.

Davis Bertans is still owed $49 million through 2025

This fact right here is where the conversation should stop before it even starts. The huge five-year contract Bertans received from the Washington Wizards in 2020 is set to pay him $16 million, then $17 million, then another $16 million over the next three years. He would be the second-highest paid player after Dejounte Murray if all things stayed the same.

Swartz points out the Spurs' terrific financial shape, but that shouldn't be traded for a role player with serious defensive issues when it can be used for many more productive things. This one is a whiff.

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The next trade could possibly make sense, but there are some qualifiers.