Spurs: Latest B/R trades include one big whiff, one with potential

Davis Bertans, Josh Richardson
Davis Bertans, Josh Richardson / Tim Heitman/GettyImages
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Well, we're getting to that time of year again. The time the number of remaining teams still alive in the NBA Playoffs continues to dwindle and we're all desperately searching for ways to improve those squads left behind. The San Antonio Spurs are certainly one of those teams, and they're not immune to speculation.

While we at Air Alamo try our best to avoid outlandish scenarios and proposals as much as possible, I understand the need for clicks in a long offseason, so I'm not blaming anyone for one of the trades I'm about to discuss. I'm merely going to break down why it would set the Spurs back from what they worked so hard to set themselves up for this offseason.

Meanwhile, the second trade they proposed could make sense if a few conditions are met and the Spurs draft for the position many are hoping them to draft this summer.

Let's get started with the trade that just doesn't make much sense for the Spurs. In Bleacher Report's latest trade piece, they suggested two San Antonio deals, beginning with a rare trade with their division rivals, the Dallas Mavericks.