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Spurs: Exploring the Biggest Shot in Every Championship Run

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2005 - Robert Horry hits the biggest shot in Spurs history

As I alluded to earlier, Robert Horry's shot in the 2005 NBA Finals was the biggest one in Spurs' history. Not only was it an instant classic finish to the game, but it also stopped the four-game trend of home blowout wins in the series and gave the Spurs a pivotal 3-2 lead.

The Detroit Pistons had blown out the Spurs by a combined 48 points in Games 3 and 4 of the NBA Finals and were up 95-93 with 9.5 seconds remaining in overtime. After having just scored on a surprise dunk, Horry inbounded the ball to Manu Ginobili, who made a wise choice.

The Spurs needed every big shot they could possibly get against the Pistons, who I consider to be the toughest opponent they ever faced in their five title runs. Luckily, 34-year-old Big Shot Bob had yet another clutch shot left on that day.

Over the summer, I re-visited the classic shot for Air Alamo.